Brain Drain in Lebanon

The uprising generation is looking forward to receiving a degree in order to start working and beginning their journey into the real world. As for Lebanese graduates, they tend to receive their degree from a well-accredited university in Lebanon then travel abroad to start working. Due to the current situation-taking place in Lebanon, many fresh graduates and Lebanese citizens decide to leave the country in search for something better. Having such a lifetime opportunity to travel abroad is worth taking for any Lebanese graduate since a better future could be guaranteed. Young Lebanese who have lost hope in their mother country tend to emigrate. The brain drain of Lebanon’s most skilled and educated individuals is increasing yearly as its graduates are searching for better job opportunities and living conditions outside Lebanon. They also leave due to the high political instability in Lebanon and for the need of “wasta” to be able to live comfortably in their own country.

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Better Job Opportunities and Living Conditions outside Lebanon

After all the hard work pays off in university, students start searching for jobs. Students search for a job that can satisfy their wants and needs. In Lebanon, salaries are unacceptable because they are low. How will students accept living in a country and working there if they receive a salary that is unacceptable? The income might not even be enough to save or even improve their financial situation. As fresh graduates, they strive to work their way up to the top to earn a high position. The low salaries do not motivate workers and will not give them any job security for the future. Journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom (2013) stated that: “Economically, Lebanon was going downhill and with all the tension we are living in, it was enough”. With the economy falling, there are less job opportunities for university graduates. In addition to the falling economy, prices are generally rising. The cost of living…