Birth/Early She discovered along the way that the

Birth/Early Life: (1867-1891) Marie Curie was born on November 7, 1867 in Warsaw, Poland. Marie grew up in a family that valued education and their Polish heritage. Her mom and dad were both teachers and she also had three sisters and one brother. Growing up, Marie was an exemplary student. She also became active in Polish patriotic organizations just like her father. She graduated high school with the highest honors at age 15.  Going to college, getting married and having kids: (1891-1897) After Marie had graduated high school, she and her sister wanted to go to college, but at that time women were not allowed to attend college, so her sister and her attended “floating universities.” The classes at the floating universities were held in secret at night so women could study for their degrees even though they couldn’t attend regular college. Although Marie and her sister could go to the floating universities, they had always dreamed of going to college at the Sorbonne in Paris but since it was one of the nicest universities in the world it would take a lot of hard work to raise the money to go there. Finally, after three years of working, at age 24 Marie got to attend the Sorbonne in Paris where she earned a degree in physics and mathematics. Although all of the classes were given in French and she hadn’t been to school in years, she was an outstanding student. In 1894 Marie met Pierre Curie. He was an internationally known scientist and since they both were passionate about science they both fell in love and got married in 1895. On September 12, 1897 their first child, Irene was born.  Investigating rays, discovering polonium and radium, and getting her doctoral degree (1895-1903) After Marie had Irene, Marie decided to focus on the mysterious rays given off of Uranium. She discovered along the way that the strength of the rays didn’t vary. With this theory, she proposed that the strength of the rays was in the atomic structure of the uranium.  thea