Best and Effective Guidelines on How to Write a Novel

People, who love to read and write, often harbor a desire to write Novels someday. However, novel writing is not an easy feat which can be performed by every individual. On the contrary it is rather a difficult task that certainly requires a great deal of dedication. Another important factor that decides the quality of the novel is the writer’s skills in writing. Fortunately for you there are some effective guidelines that can teach you novel writing and help you in producing a hit novel with less pain but more satisfaction.

Before you pick up your pen and start jotting down your novel first decide its genre. There are literally dozens of genres available to write on. Just pick out the one that you are interested in. Some popular genres are romance, comedy, mystery, horror and tragicomedy.

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Novel’s Opening

Begin your novel writing with an intriguing and attention-grabbing opening. To do that you need to place a hook in the opening of your novel that can catch the wondering eyes of the audience at first glance. If you have ever been to a bookstore then you should know that a reader buys a book only after reviewing its opening. Also, consider using a foreword for your novel to add intrigue in it.

Novel’s Character

All the characters of the novel must be able to express the moral or message that you want to convey to your readers. Give the main characters of your novel a unique personality that can distinguish them from the rest of the characters. Keep both the antagonist and the protagonist character balanced. Give the characters some problems to solve. This creates more mystery in the novel and makes it more interesting.

Also give a separate background of every character when you first introduced them in the novel. A complete background of the novel’s character makes your reader to absorb in it. Furthermore, this will allow your readers to see the characters as real people, thus, influencing them at a whole other level.

Novel’s Time

It is also very important to determine the time and place of the novel. Determine according to its plot what time would be best to present your novel’s action. For instance mystery novels mostly illustrate the 80’s time. Place on the other hand can both be factual or fictional. If the place is a factual one, do some comprehensive research on that place to gather some accurate details.

Novel’s Plot

If you have read different sorts of novels then you must have seen that every novel has some sort of plot. Pen down a brief paragraph that informs the readers about the main idea of the novel and the problems that it intends to solve. Plots of literary novels are easy to write but when it comes to writing a plot of crime or mystery novel this task really takes a lot of your creative juice.

Novel’s Dialogue

The dialogues that are allotted to your novel’s character can reveal a lot about their background, education and their sense of worth. However, keep in mind that dialogues are not speeches.