Being Proud of My Best Friend

Over the years, we often learn that some people are not always a friend. But then again there are some who you can truly call a friend. For instance, my best friend Tashaunna may not be perfect but she is my best friend for a reason. The reason being is not only because she is smart but because she has a great sense of humor and she is very helpful. We’ve been friends going on 6 years. My best firemd and I are different in so many ways but there are so many reason why she my best friend. One of the main reason I admire her is because she is honest and not afraid to speak her mind. No matter how much the truth hurts, and no matter how much we hate to tell each other what we think, we both say it anyway. For us this is a good thing. At least we both know that both of us has the guts to be actually true to each other. And we both know that we both just want to help each other through whatever issues we’re going through.

Some of us have a friend that tends to doesn’t have any common sense. I can honestly say my best friend may not have it all, but she can be very smart. She make good grades, not all the time but majority of the time. Another reason why I consider her to be smart is due to her goods judgment, meaning she knows good and bad when she sees it. Earlier when I stated that some of us have a friend that tend to not have any type of common sense is where funny ties in at. My best friend is beyond goofy, but it is a good kind of goofy. When things get a little complicated, she knows how to lift my spirit. Even when my day is going pretty good, she always come to make it better. We’ll laugh at almost anything we’d find laughable, even if it’s not.

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We also come across a friend that can be very lazy. Even though my best friend can be lazy sometimes, she can be very helpful. When I have to go through certain situation in my life, she gives the best advice any woman can ask for. True enough she is a young lady but she talks to…