Before and accurate. This project has been completed


beginning to monitoring the class, certain requirements were set. The system is
needed to be easy to use and the user could remotely monitor environmental
changes inside the class. Sensor data required to be collected and stored for
showing changes in the environment variables. We had a fixed temperature to get
reliable results.


measurements accomplished by the data communications between Arduino, DHT11
Sensor Module, ESP8266 WIFI module and Gobetwino. Arduino’s Celsius scale
thermometer and percentage scale humidity meter displays the ambient
temperature and humidity through Gobetwino display and also record it as a text

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take the measurements on 30.11.2017 and 07.12.2017, 2 weeks consecutively, in
smart class of Kadir Has University. We take two measurement tests by Arduino
each day. One is before the class when the lecture didn’t start and one is
after the lecture, while the students write their reflection papers about the
lecture and filling our survey questions.


try to figure out their comfort level in the temperature we fixed by HVAC
system and their motivation in this environment. First week we fixed the
classroom temperature at 20.00 C ° and the second week we fixed it at 27.00 C
°. There were 26 people in the test group and we neglected the genders and
clothes while we commentate the results.


this experiment, we divided the class into eleven regions. We gave a number to
each region and recorded the results of each region separately. We ensured
students sit in the same places in the two days of experiment. At the end of
the class we asked the students to write a reflection paper about the lecture
and to answer the survey questions which we gave them before the class. We
asked them for mark where they sit in class on the graph we gave them and mark
the spot they want to sit if it is possible.


systematic approach has been followed in measurement with the microcontroller
based system.  The results obtained from
the measurement have shown that the system performance is reliable and
accurate. This project has been completed successfully. We get our data with
Arduino and transmit them wirelessly to a processing sketch, where they are
visualized for simple analysis. So our goal of integrating all of the underlying technologies has been