Background of the Armenians

The entire world has many different cultural groups, involving different languages, diets, religion, and many more traditional actions. On behalf of religion, interesting to know, there was a country that was the first to convert to Christianity. The country is Armenia, and the cultural aspect is Armenian. Armenians have a unique holiday where they celebrate the last day of winter. There are many of unique information about this nice cultural group. Let’s first start off on where it’s located.

Armenia is located the European Continent, in the South of Transcaucasia ( A region that boards among Eastern Europe towards Southwest Asia). About 47% of the land is mountainous; they’re also five mountains that consist of having an amazing view, and one can take many panoramic pictures. The highest mountain in Armenia would be Mount Aragats, having a peak 4,090 meters above sea level (Armenia: A Rugged Land, an Enduring People). Most of the Armenians population would be on the mountains. Armenia is small as Maryland, expanding about 29,743, square kilometers (11,490, square miles). There is also a large lake that covers about 5% of the whole country land, and this lake is called Lake Sevan. Armenians call Lake Sevan a magic lake, because it grants you a feeling of harmony, aesthetics, and excitement, due to it unique sight (Tourism Armenia). The history of Armenia is pretty interesting, because they were established as the independent Republic of Armenia on May 28, 1918, but only lasted until Nov 29, 1920, and that was when it was conquered by the Soviet Army. Later on March 12, 1922, the Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republic was established, and this consisted of the Soviets joining Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. On 1936, after a recapitalization, Armenia became a separate Republican of the Soviet Union. In 1988, Armenia became involved in a territorial dispute with Azerbaijan over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh (southeast of Armeni…

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