As part of a growing team, continuing to

As a Physician Assistant, I see
myself as part of a growing team, continuing to work on bettering myself as a
clinician through continuous learning experiences and interactions. My role
will involve examining patients, developing treatment plans according to
diagnosed ailment, taking medical histories, prescribing medications, etc.

under the supervision of a licensed physician. Ultimately, these interactions
will provide me with the opportunity to create bigger impacts in the realm of well-being
and timely healthcare in smaller communities – filling gaps in provider
shortages and improving the efficiency of the healthcare system. I see myself
as a hardworking scholar, collaborating with physicians and allied health
professionals as a generalist to be the best advocate for the patients I encounter. 

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The clinical role of the Physician Assistant
aligns with my career goals as well as who I am as an individual. I am
passionate about holistic health, as well as the science behind medicine. I am
approachable, confident, organized and enjoy learning as much as teaching. In
saying such, working in a laboratory setting with repetitive tasks and little
to no human interaction is not for me. I am choosing a career in medicine that
is multidisciplinary and progressive, that will give me the work-life balance
to pursue other important aspects of life outside of said career, and the
ability to create a positive impact in the lives of others all the while.