As active on social media, radio and cinemas.

As we were evaluating the service operation of Seguros Brouwer we came across some points of improvement that will be helpful for them.

The first recommendation that we have for Seguros Brouwer is they need to enhance their use of technology. Technology is taking over and it is good for company to be active on for example instagram, facebook, twitter to communicate with their customers.

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We noticed that Seguros Brouwer are not actively promoting their company. On reason is when searching for information on their platform it was not user friendly but for sure the information is accurate. In contrast the insurance company BSure is very active on social media, radio and cinemas. So with this strategy unconsciously when someone is in need of whatever insurance the first thought is BSure. Thus, we suggest that Seguros Brouwer to be more involve more on social media and update their platform. This can be done by hiring a social media developer which will be focusing on promoting the company on social media such as Instagram and twitter also upgrading the current platform. So they can make more noise. This will help for Seguros Brouwer to get more customer.

Furthermore, another issue that we had confronted was the parking space. Seguros Brouwer is located in the heart of saliña which is good but there is not enough parking space. Customers complain about this every time. So we recommend them a bigger space that will remain central for the clients.

Another recommendation that we have for Seguros Brouwer is that managers need to give the staff more freedom to take decision. With this decision making will be faster, because the employee don’t need to ask the manager. This will make that the service providing for the customers will also go faster. For giving the employee more freedom, managers can set some decision making guidelines for each department. Further, the guideline paper need to be discussed with the employee so that everyone is on the same page.