Are is a fruit of filled with loads

you wondering about reducing blood pressure with the natural ways? Sodium
Chloride (NaCl), the common salt, always makes the blood pressure higher and
other foods also responsible for it. But, researches have shown that choosing
foods are an important fact to control blood pressure. Eating healthy diet is
the key to manage your blood pressure regularly.

What Kinds of Foods Reducing High Blood Pressure with the Natural Ways?

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these 5 Foods in your diet menu, reducing high blood pressure with the natural
ways. Moreover, these well-balanced foods cut down the risk of heart attacks
and strokes almost at the half.

1. Garlic

find in the history that garlic was used mainly for the purposes of health and
treatment. This is proven by the most of the major civilizations, including the
ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians, Chinese and Romans. Garlic’s active
ingredients sulphur, allicin are formed compound when it’s crushed, chewed or
chopped. There are so many human researches have made the decision that garlic
helps to lower the high blood pressure significantly. One study has proved that
garlic has been as effective as medicines for 24 weeks. It also works to
prevent the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

2. Banana

is a fruit of filled with loads potassium. Potassium is a known mineral to
lower high blood pressure. This mineral also helps to keep balance sodium’s
effect on the human body and keeps the functionality of the kidney in the correct
way. Researches have revealed that having banana everyday can make your blood
pressure lower or regular. One of the studies has particularly said that
consuming 2 bananas per day can lessen 10% of your high blood pressure.

3. Veggies

this advice is not a revolutionary one, but it’s helpful to lower your blood
pressure. Add some more veggies to your dieting plate every day. Barnard has
suggested loading up leafy, green choices, like spinach and kale. They contain
a heavy dose of iron and calcium. Take some orange as well, because they are
full of beta carotene. One caveat of canned veggies without sodium, or rinse
them well before eating, is good for blood pressure, Barnard said.

4. Tomato

a cup of sodium-free or low-sodium soft drink of Tomato juice at the lunch
time. Tomatoes are fully loaded with lycopene, which is very effective for your
body to help reducing blood pressure. An Australian research has found that, if
you take lycopene at least 25mg per day with your diet, it can lower LDL that
is considered as ‘bad’ cholesterol up to 10%. You need not to take tomatoes
plain. You can add some tomatoes or its juice into your daily cooking to meet
the daily requirement.


nuts (be sure that I am not saying the peanuts), which is got from the soil,
are helpful for our metabolism and various health advantages. Almond &
cashews are absolutely outstanding, especially on the metabolic problems, like
high blood pressure.


mineral of magnesium has made them highly qualified. Magnesium is involved in
bodily process over 300 units. The lack or deficiency of magnesium is strongly
related with the complication of high blood pressure. Cashews & almonds are
the best and natural source of magnesium.


natural foods are many in numbers, including these 5 Foods Reducing High Blood
Pressure with the Natural Ways. These are best for you when you are struggling
without drugs. It’s only the matter of changing of our food habits.