Andrei adult life wasn’t so great either. He

Andrei Chikatilo was born october 16, 1936, he “grew up in the aftermath of the great ukrainian famine”(Jenkins, 2016) were people began resorting to cannibalism. His life was already difficult growing up because of the condition of the soviet union under Stalin, but when WW2 came around resulting in bombing raids in ukraine and in his father getting drafted, things got worse. Upon returning home, his father was vilified by the country folk for allowing himself to be captured and held prisoner. Andrei was constantly a target of bullying because of his fathers rumored “cowardice”, leaving him with a severely shy personality that affected his sexual life in his adolescence. Chikatilo suffered from hydrocephalus at birth, causing him genital and urinary tract problems that lead to issues like bed-wetting and inability to sustain an erection later on, making his only sexual experience when he was 15 and attempted to rape a girl, humiliatingly prematurely ejaculating right away. That experience brought him even more ridicule, but was the setting stone of his association of sex with violence later on in life. Starting out his adult life wasn’t so great either. He failed his exam to Moscow State University and went on to be a telephone engineer in a town near Rostov. His younger sister moved in with him and introduced him to a woman named Fayina who he eventually married and had two kids with, despite his sexual dysfunction. “Andrei than changed professions to a school teacher in 1971, but many complaints of  “indecent assaults” on students forced him to move to different schools but he finally settled at a school in shakty” (Andrei chikatilo, 2016). Chikatilo grew up “constantly hearing his mother’s stories that his older brother had been kidnapped and eaten by neighbours. Those little horor tales are what’s believed to have motivated him to cannibalize some of his victims” (Andrei Chikatilo Soviet Serial Killer, 2016). Chikatilo’s murder spree began in 1978, his first victim was nine year old yelena zakotnova who he attempted to lead her to an isolated area in the woods and there tried raping her unsuccessfully. He than ‘stabbed her multiples times in her abdomen and ejaculated onto her body as he did so” (Sedlack-Hevener, n.d.). Chikalitos next victim was a 17 yo girl names Larisa Tkachenko, he wasn’t able to overpower her after getting her along so he beat, strangled and bit her to death with his bare teeth, leaving her corpse in the woods. His next two victims were stabbed to death with her eyes gouged out and the other completely dismembered and mutilated. Andreis technique was to “prey on young victims who he meets at rail stations and bus depots around his and other cities he traveled to in his various jobs” (Jenkin, 2016). According to, it states that “One after another, women, girls and then young boys in the region disappeared. Some would be found later, their bodies bearing the horrific signature marks of the murderer — boys were castrated, women’s sexual organs were sliced out. Tongue tips and organs of several victims appeared to have been bitten off'(Russian cannibal killed 53 from 1978 until capture in 1990, n.d.)..Chikatilo was seen molesting a young girl on a train by a police officer in 1984, and despite finding weapons in the case he carried the DNA did not match up so setting him free was inevitable. When bodies began dropping around that region, that’s when the law began to realize they might have a serial killer on there hands. It took six years but Chikatilo was finally caught by police and arrested on November 6, 1990. He confessed to “56 cases Although most of his early victims were young girls, in the end killed young boys and a number of women as well. He was charged with 53 deaths; 18 women, 14 girls, and 21 boys. His oldest victim was 29-year-old Tatyana Petrosyan, while his youngest was seven-year-old Igor Gudkov” (Sedlack-Hevener, n.d.).Although psychiatrists claimed that Chikalito was not insane, many people believed he had borderline mental illness because if random, impulsive, and strange behavior. During trail he “pulled down his pants and started yelling, he had unstable relationships, erratic and unpredictable emotions” (The Mind And Examination Of Andrei Chikatilo) -most likely because of his studied painful childhood- its expected he was not all mentally there. Also the fact that there was no pattern to his murders and all victims almost had nothing in common,  his killings were all random and unpredictable which made him a likely candidate for borderline mental illness. He was sentenced to capital punishment and killed with a shot to the head. Although he was a cold hearted killer, he was said to have been a great father despite him murdering so much children. The article on states that Chikalito was ” sentenced to death by shooting in Moscow on february 14, 1994 when he was found guilty with 52 of 53 cases”. He is remembered greatly by his unsettling words till today when he stated “I am a mistake of nature, a mad beast.” Andrei “The Rostov Ripper” Chikatilo did go down in history as one of Russia’s most heinous serial killers.