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An investment is your asset which you purchase with the hope that it will gives you benefit in future or in your bad times. Investments are necessary if you want to make yourself economically strong so if you have money invest it in some profitable business because it is stupidity to keep money idol at homes or accounts.We people feel fear to invest money because of the uncertainty of economic conditions and natural calamities. Keep in mind the best things in life make you scary at first time. So take risk and conquer your fears unless it becomes too late, invest in your future to make yourself financially stable. To find answer how and where to invest keep reading the article because I am going to tell you ten best ways of invest your money.Top 10 Ideas of investment for 2018 which never Loss youInvest in cryptoCurrency like Bitcoin:A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency created in 2009. There are no physical appearance of bitcoins, they are the first digital currency use peer to peer technology to facilitate the payment. Bitcoin got lot of attention over the last few years. Sites like, and are few example of reputable and user friendly sites for beginners.Bitcoin is a very risky investment and you should keep in that in mind at all times. It is highly recommended that buy bitcoin when dollar exchanges rate is low, and check out the trend of bitcoin currency, hold it for a time and sell its value become high.So you can earn profit by buying bitcoin when its price is low then you can purchase goods from sites when the value of bitcoin is high to get a benefit deal on the goods. You can then sell the goods to make a profit. Some Online vendors that accept bitcoin are subway, Zappos, WordPress etcPurchase Company stock:Invest in company stocks in one of the best and common way of investments. Your ownership depends upon the share you purchase in a company. You can sell the shares when their value increases. The investment in company stocks may be risky but it will give you best gain. To overcome the risk examine the past five years of company performance although there is no guarantee of future uncertainties.Some companies pays even dividend for the stock you hold so the deal get better more with this offer. Often they gives you opportunity to reinvestment, you have yet another opportunity to buy more shares of company stock.Purchase Prize BondsBonds allow companies and government to borrow your money to fulfill their requirements depending on the terms of the bonds they pay you interest on their maturity date. Interest is usually payable at fixed intervals (semiannual, annual, and sometimes monthly). It happened very often that the bond is negotiable; in other words, the ownership of the instrument can be transferred in the secondary market.Purchasing bonds is the best way of investment because they give you relatively better return without posing too much risk. They allow investors to increase their money while their children growing up, so they can cash out to meet their expenses.Purchasing domain namePurchasing domain name is the best smartest of investing your money. People use domain name on internet whether for websites or for email. Domain name have increasingly valuable over the years and its now as rare as gold. You can purchase domain name at low rates like $5-10 and then sell them later on high rates $4000-$10000. Try to purchase domain name with short name because people attracts on the website with the shorter, generic business name. You can sell your domain name on online auction sites such as Flippa, Seddo which will allow domain shoppers to see it.Real Estate:Investing in real estate is another best way of investing money. It become popular with the passage of time and now it is a best investment vehicle. It gives you huge profit but it depends on the right location and correct ways of investing. You can purchase homes and sell them on higher price or you can rent them to tenants to earn a slightly higher cost with the passage of time. One thing you should keep in mind that you are responsible for paying the mortgage, taxes and cost of maintaining the property but often the rent you charge covers all other costs.Investing in Banks: If you want risk free investment then bank is the best option. It offers multiple numbers of investments including insured products like money market accounts, saving accounts and certificate of deposits. They also provide you the facility to invest in stock and bond mutual funds. Saving accounts are the best way of invest money in banks. You can earn interest on your deposit amount but the rate of interest is low on saving accounts but with most saving accounts you can withdraw your money at anytime. If you want to earn high interest on your deposit money then there are accounts in banks like certificate of deposits (CD) account but you cannot access your money for a certain amount of period.Purchase Metals: You can also invest in some precious metals like gold and diamonds etc. The value of precious metals increases and you can utilize them in the hour of need. The best is that you should purchase gold bullion because they are extremely secure.Start a BusinessYou can also invest your money by starting a business because It can gives you the best opportunity to become financially free and your own boss, but the factors of risk is higher because you might lose everything. So to start a business you should start it on smaller scale and do deeply research on already existing business. Take benefit from others experience and share your idea with them and asked them about their valuable ideas and suggestions.Investment in raw material:You can invest in raw material like investing in natural gas, cotton, iron, silver and cattle. The profit will depend on the commodities in which you invest.Investment in insurance companies:It is the best way of invest your money in insurance companies. They payback money to you with interest depends upon the type of insurance. They give you the opportunity to improve your living standard and growing money that might be needed in future.