Airports in productivity and service to citizens. We


Cleaning Va has the necessary infrastructure to serve
airports. It covers one hundred percent the cleaning needs of the facilities,
in addition to covering a work process stipulated from the first visit to the
client, up to compliance with the rules and needs of the company. We have a
payroll of more than 2 thousand workers, who are highly trained for the use of
heavy equipment and cleaning materials.

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The trust towards the personnel is fundamental in financial
instances, the reason why in Clean Up we realize a strict method of selection
realizing psychometric examinations against robbery, lies, and disloyalty.


Cleaning Va offers quality and results, which allows
government agencies to comply with the maintenance and cleanliness of their facilities
contributing to the improvement in productivity and service to citizens.

We offer the guarantee that they will have a free space for
people to carry out their activities promptly, coupled with experience in the
volume of operations and the assignment of trained employees and with the
necessary equipment to carry out this task.

Among our client’s list is the Metrobús of Mexico City,
Roads and Bridges, SAGARPA, Department of Transportation and Roads, Council of
the Judiciary, National Financial, INEGI, International Airport of Puerto
Vallarta, among others.

Daily and deep

Treatment of any material: tile, marble, wood, stone, metal,
glass, porcelain, aluminum, concrete, laminate, synthetic materials, biological
materials, all kinds of metals, textiles, and more. In addition to the total
coverage of floors, ceilings, walls, doors, and windows.


So that your company, corporate, building, or residential
property always look shiny and welcoming, we have an excellent service of
gardening, to give a nice touch and different to its facilities.

Cleaning tanks and
water tanks

We clean water tanks and cisterns regardless of their size.
We guarantee the elimination of bacteria using a deep disinfection.

Washing and stain
removal of carpets

We have enough equipment to take care of the cleaning and
maintenance of your carpets, regardless of size.

Cleaning exterior

In addition to cleaning windows and glass of any size
indoors, we take care of the deep cleaning of outer glass. We adapt to the needs
of the client and regardless of the volume. From buildings with ground floor to
large corporations, we left them gleaming.

Cleaning by work

We take care of cleaning a new installation. We have the
responsibility to make it shine and ready for use after the work promptly. We
have the necessary number of employees (more than 2 thousand operators) to take
charge of the construction of any finished construction.


We provide fumigation services to any property, whether
indoors or outdoors, helping to improve their quality of life.

Supply of equipment

We make visits to the client’s facilities to observe the
dimensions of the company and assign the necessary cleaning equipment.