Aircraft Brothers, Ford Motor Co. need an airline

Aircraft metals

In dec.17,1903, The Wright Brothers made the first historic
flight with a plane which made of wood. Over the years, materials had been
changed starting from wood, fabric to metal. After about 20 years from the
historic flight of The Wright Brothers, Ford Motor Co. need an airline for its
own. 4-AT is the first metal airliner. After that titanium entered the air
crafting industry in 1964. Finally, alloys and composited metals are now the
most significant and efficient aircraft metal. 

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Properties of air crafting metals:


is the ability of a metal to have a
resistance of abrasion, penetration, cutting action, or permanent distortion. In
order to increase to hardness you may use cold working the metal. Basic parts
are frequently formed from metals initially in their soft state after that
heated to solidify them to retain the last shape.


One of the most significant and important
properties of a material is strength. Strength is the resistance of deformation
of a metal also ability to sustain the
stress without breaking. Some of the types that affect the strength of the
material is the type of load or stress.


is a decisive thing to give attention while picking a material to design a part
to maintain the proper weight and the balance of the plane.


is a
measure of materials ability to be rolled or hammered into thin sheets without
breaking or destroying the shape wanted or remain a permanent error and metals
are valuable in part because of their malleability. This is essential in
aircraft because the design of plane is curved so malleability is important
while choosing the material. For example: copper, aluminium or iron.


metal which could be permanently drawn, bent, or twisted into different formats
without been breaking. This is critical property for metals in the industry of
making wires and tubes.

Ductile metals are favourable in aircraft
because its resistance to failure under overloading. Ductility is mostly
identical to malleability.


the capability of a metal to distorting
a load or releasing stress and return to its original shape and size when the
load or stress is done or removed.

7-    Fusibility:

Is the turning
phase from solid to liquid by applying heat on the metal. In aircraft metal
fusibility be high to resist the deformation of the solid

8-    Conductivity:

A metal
which could carry an electrical current is called a conductor. So conductivity
is the ability of a material to allow electricity to go through. This is important
property because the elimination of radio interference.







are mixture or composite of metals by metallic bonds. In aircraft
industry alloys are recommended to be used. For example, aluminium alloy.

Types of alloys:

Steel Alloys:

Types of steel alloys is dependent on the percentage
of copper found in the alloy. It classified as low, medium and high carbon
steel. Steel alloys have high hardness point, great toughness and corrosion resistance.

-Examples of alloys:

Chromium steel: has high
hardness point. Also it has high strength to resist the deformation of the
alloy. Also it has high resistance of corrosion to avoid weakness of the alloy.

Chrome-nickel steel: the
most resistor of corrosion in steel alloys. Also it has high point of strength that
could be harden by cold working the alloy.

Stainless steel: its
significant property is ductility which it could be rolled, drawn, bent or
formed to any size or shape.