Agriculture few centuries. From finding ways to shorten

 Agriculture had developed a lot in the past few centuries. From finding ways to shorten the time
and work to preserving food and drinks. We even invented away to keep our things on our land
and keep things away from our land.With out all these inventions we wouldn’t have a lot that we
have now, which is hard to think about. Although all these inventions are very important i can
only chose three and heres why i chose these.
My first choice would be the great invention called barbed wire. Even though barbed wire is a
fairly simple invention compared to the rest it still helps farmers with everyday life. Let me tell you
what barbed wire does, it keeps animals inside your land if you want them to be free range and it
keeps animals and people out side of your land. This invention was very influential and the group
presenting it really sold how great of a product it was.
My second choice was the railcar. A railcar helps food and drink travel faster and to farther away
places. Also they have upgraded a lot to where some railcars have a cooling system to keep the
food from spoiling before arriving. With out this invention we would get food from out of state
and would have to learn to grow everything on our land, but some states cant grow certain
things. Railcars have impacted the country greatly when it comes to out of state and country
trading, which helps our economy greatly.
My third choice was the milking machine. The milking machine cuts down the time and effort
involved in hand milking cows. This helps with rapid production our growing nation needs. This
machine not only helps our nation but helps the farmers in saving their time so they can work on
their crops and other animals. Also most of our products involving using milk making the need for
milk grow dire the more our country invents products.
In conclusion so many inventions have impacted our nation but these three were the ones i
thought influenced us the most. The choices were hard seeing as all of the inventions were very
important and influential in agriculture, but these really made the biggest impacted in how
agriculture is run now. Even though we have come along way to get to where we are in
agriculture now in the future it will be even more advanced in how we do things. Our nation is
growing and so is the need for agricultural products making the need for better inventions more
dire. Also as time passes we not only invent things but we come up with smoother ways to raise
our animals, like the barbed wire keeping them in and predators out.