Africa: Turkey’s New-Found Land


The following academic article outlines the current state of undertakings in Africa and elaborates on the recent developments in Turkey’s foreign policy and new priorities adopted for the coming future. It tries to analyze the different circumstances and occurrences that have led to Turkey’s endeavor of focusing on the African continent for future relations and for the sake of Turkey’s prosperity through the securing of a favorable place in the economic opportunities present in the black continent, saying that these opportunities are promising enough to give Ankara enough incentive to rush with the establishment of deeper ties with the different African nations. The ultimate indication that this orientation is proof of a relatively sudden change of policy and part of a broader strategy is the opening of over 15 Embassies in Africa – which the fact that 3 of them were previously closed down (but now re-opened) for economic purposes is a whole indication of it’s own that things are moving fast.

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Overall I would say that the Author’s analysis does provide a convenient explanation behind this seemingly “Turkish Rush” to reknit once more it’s ties with Africa as an ally and partner as opposed to the previous way of doing things, which consisted in colonial occupation and remote administration of North Africa, plus some other countries considered as “sub-Saharan” countries such as Niger, Ethiopia, Chad and Eritrea.

While agreeing with the Author, I find it not surprising that he didn’t take any risks when saying that it’s the sum of all the –strategic – parts that help us explain this new direction.After all, diversification is the most robust of all strategies, and applies to politics just as well as to business. In fact, I might add that this is even a banal thing to do (and therefore to explain) given that in today’s world all countries and states are run in a systematic and mechanical fashio…