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According to Google’s dictionary system, smoking is the act of daily usage or abusive of a rolled up dried tobbaco plant with added chemicals. The larger part, the substance might be those dried relinquishes of the tobacco plant which bring been moved under somewhat square of rice paper to make a “cigarette”.Smoking might be mainly practiced similarly as a course of association for recreational pill use by virtue of the consuming of the dried plant forsakes, also there is still an unknowing about what majority of cigarrette products are genuine or plainly manufactured. Smoking became a trend back in the 1950’s where there would be so many adverts of popular movie stars or promo icons that would try to make smoking look cool or luxurious.This soon began to die down when the manufacturing of the product grew, many people who were second hand smokers or even smoked not everyday where found to contract respiratory complications, even mouth sores and lung cancer back in the 1990’s and the 2000’s. Not only that, teenagers soon began to cause this increase back in 2013. There has been a statistic that 90% of teen smokers, began before age 19. From the amount of people who do smoke in the world, Tobacco has been one of the top most preventable death cause in America. There are people who argue that smoking won’t be a problem if people who do it once in a while or do it one period a day. However, I believe you shouldn’t do it at all, smoking with a real cigarette. I would suggest trying alternatives instead.There are fake cigarettes being made, most popular echo-cigarettes that release vapor. There are also tips and tricks you can take to reduce stress like taking natural supplements or vitamins to relax like hemp supplements. There are many ways to reduce stress but smoking isn’t the way. Because once you smoke that toke, you are risking the chance of a long life.