According that Mexico’s imports from the U.S. have

According to the United States
Trade Representative (USTR), in Figure 1A the exports from the U.S. to Mexico
amounted to $267 billion whereas Figure 1B shows the exports from Mexico to the
U.S. were at $316 billion, thus leaving the U.S. with a $49.2 billion trade
deficit. What’s more is that Mexico’s imports from the U.S. have risen sharply
to 468%, that means about 16 percent of overall US exports go directly to
Mexico alone. When it comes to the particular category of professional
services, that of which includes travel, transportation and computer software––
the U.S. undeniably comes out on top. Looking at the numbers solely, “Total
trade in services between the two countries was $52.4 billion in 2015, with the
U.S. exporting $30.8 billion in services and taking in $21.6 billion from
Mexico.” (VOA) This tells us that the U.S. experienced a service trade surplus
of about $9.2 billion.

Since the trade
agreement, different industries have had distinctive experiences in terms of
growth and decline. For example, in the graph shown below there is a direct
correlation between the U.S. and Mexico displaying the enormous growth both
trading partners have had in the agricultural sector.

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