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According to the research, most children acquire many traits from their parents like the eye color, hair, lips, nose etc., but I have inherited much more: a passion for learning and an unquenchable intrusiveness which has helped me throughout my academic and professional career. I hope to build a rosy future for my family, as well as myself because I was the like “raw data” and they were the data scientists.I believe that the life’s most important lessons are learned at home. My grandfather has taught me how to overcome hardship and the joy of reading and writing. My grandfather had the passion for reading and writing. He has written numerous books until his last breath. While I had difficulty grasping the concepts, my grandfather suggested me two ways, one to read out loud with clear pronunciations which helped to understand better and get connected with what I learned and secondly, teach others, which helped me understand the subjects deeper and improved my communications skills. He has obliquely shaped me through his suggestions.I was thrilled and fascinated the first time I used a Computer at grade 10. My father noticed my intellectual curiosity and has always encouraged me throughout to make new explorations. He bought me a new computer with a purpose of letting me use it freely. Influenced by curiosity, I probed into it and learned how to use every single feature of the computer’s archaic MS-DOS operating system. My mom’s patience has always been boundless and I have learned it from her. Although it’s not easy to attain, it has helped me navigate hard times. My mom has always tried to teach me is that it’s important to gain the necessary skills and education to be able to take care of oneself, be independent, self-sufficient, and value myself.I have shaped my actions from what I have learned and I hope to be a person, who is hardworking, influential, kind, motivating. Change is expected in every person and when I change it would be only for the better.