According and any other emergencies that Homeland Security

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the department of Homeland
Security means “it is responsible for safeguarding the country against
terrorist attacks and ensuring preparedness for natural disasters and other
emergencies,” (Encyclopedia Britannica, United States Department of Homeland
Security. 2016). This definition is indeed correct about Homeland Security. To
me, the term Homeland Security is to ‘prepare and safeguard’. What I mean about
prepare is to prepare against terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and any
other emergencies that Homeland Security can provide. To prepare for the worst
is important in keeping the country and the families that are living in the
country. To prepare requires increasing security and developing effective
response capabilities. To safeguard is about protection against terrorism.
After the devastating attacks of September 11, many people have questioned the
government on whether they have taken steps on the effective approach towards
on making the country safe. Safeguarding means that people and government
organizations working together to prevent the risk of terrorism and natural
disasters happening. There are some subordinate agencies that reports to the
Department of Homeland Security(DHS):  U.S.
Customs and Border Protection, Federal Emergency Management Agency, The United
States Secret Service (USSS), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and
United States Coast Guard (USCG). The United States Secret Service is a
protective service as well as an investigative service that have
responsibilities from currency fraud to the protection of the president and
other national leaders. It is the national struggle to safeguard our homeland
to make sure that it is strong against violence and other dangers of our way of
life. It is also that it can strive in an effort to stop the terrorist attacks
in the United States.