Abstract—Text letting the user know that he/she have

Abstract—Text passwords are still the dominant method of authentication
system, even though there is a lot of advancement in hackers capabilities of
cracking down the passwords. Because of
this issue there are many passwords types have been generated like finger
printing, pattern drawing, face recognition etc. even though text based are the
most commonly used.

Most of the users have multiple
accounts on different social media, so they try to keep same password for all
there accounts for ease in use. But the possibility of all the accounts getting
leaked when one password gets breached increases.

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Most of the researches only try to
strengthen password but  none of them
focus on a strong password along with user friendliness. But we did, this paper
gives an idea about user friendly strong password. It is based on a password
which contains two parts, one part is a fixed text and another part is any free
random text at pre-defined indices and lengths. This random text is the actual
strength of our password, which create difficulty even when somebody get to
know the password and try using it. We also present different possibilities of
our proposed system and their possible attack models.








This paper presents a password based
novel authentication system. With the growing technology and internet users it
is becoming more and more difficult to protect some data or information,
traditionally we use passwords to keep our accounts and information safe. .
However, with the rapid change in technology, even a strong password cannot
guarantee safety. Different tools are currently availabe to break once password
without even letting the user know that he/she have been hacked and his
confidential information is in wrong hands. Shoulder sur?ng, key logging,
packet snif?ng , etc., are different approaches which are frequently being used
to obtain user password in clear text. Once a password is obtained in clear
text, all the confidential information of that user is at risk.