A Trip to Gurdwara

As a class, we took a visit to a Sikh temple, which is called in their religion a Gurdwara place of worship as well as spiritual learning and religious ceremonies. Similarly it serves as community sanctuary for less fortunate offering food and shelter, which is part of their strong belief for caring for others and that God, is continually in one’s heart. Upon our entry into the religious establishment, we asked to remove our shoes, and make sure that are head were covered for both men and women. We were then treated to Indian cultural food downstairs, which was a large serving of samosa’s that are either fried or baked and considered a type pastry filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and lentils. Most practicing Sikh’s, do not eat nor beef or pork, because they believe that animals such as cows were sacred Sikhs bear strict adherence to these practices. We were then invited upstairs, into their ceremonial room, for an informational briefing on religious culture and tradition, where men right and the women sit on the left, which was seen not to be sexist, but as a way to keep their attention focused on the ceremony to this principles They are a monotheistic religion (belief in one god) and that God is without physical form or gender and worship a religious scripture.

Prior to my visit to the Sikh temple visit, I do have a slight knowledge and understanding for Sikhism, due to the fact that one of my closest friend was raised Sikh by birth. I knew that in the temple, you were not permitted to wear shoes and that during religious readings or traditions in the temple you must all sit on the floor, this represents everyone being equal to one another, and all coming to together as a large cultural community. I also was aware that they must keep hair intact and unaltered of the head, face and body equally for men and women. A daily ritual is to recite daily prayers and meditate. And to do charitable service for those in need. I also…

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