A Look at My Childhood

?I want to tell a story about myself. As you can see, it seems that I can talk fluently on the stage. At least, I can’t only stand there and lose my tongue. Actually, it spent almost all of my childhood in training myself to become much braver. I was a timid and shy person when I was a child so I often faced some situation that I didn’t know how to solve problem or ask for helping. That’s the reason why I always encounter some funny things.

One day, I was the student on duty to take the garbage to the assigned place. The trash can was so big that I took it difficultly. When I took the trash can and walked through the hallway, I found a group of people playing a game. They linked their hands and formed a circle and turned the circle very quickly. I passed through the cray circle but I suddenly was knocked down by them. I totally remembered that lots of trash and I were flying in the air for ten minutes. At the moment, the only thing I could think was “Oh my god! How long will I fly in the air?” When I knew what happened it is, I was lying on lots of trash and got hurt. Although I was knocked down by others, I was too shy to asking for help to take the garbage away together. So, I was took the trash can alone and encounter this tragedy.

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The other story is when I was in the elementary school, one day, my teacher said to me: ”Linda, please help teacher to write down those homework on the blackboard and let your classmates to copy it down”. So, I quickly ran to the blackboard, and wrote it down. However, I wrote very slowly, it was time to leave the school because the class was over soon. After finishing to write on the blackboard, I suddenly found that I didn’t copy the list of the homework for myself!!!! How stupid I am! But we must leave the school at that time. And I was so shy to tell others, so I didn’t have no choice to pick up my school bag and leave the classroom soon. After going back to home, I couldn’t stop …