A Life with Empty Spaces

The Untitled

Life is hard in the city. Here you have to know how to mind your own business. Thats one of the main rules that every New Yorker knows. If not, everyone has their connects. Worst case scenario someone you’ve never seen before will catch you slipping. If you’re wondering how I know these things, my step-father never knew how to mind his own business. This story is about the great chances and opportunities that we could’ve had.

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My name is Andrew _______, my friends call me Drew for short.I’m 17, & I go to __________ High School. I run track for my school & I find myself to be pretty good at it. Because of the times that I run in the 200 meter dash, i’ve got 9 different colleges in the state wanting to scout me. My 16 year old brother Kenny plays basketball for De Witt Clinton High School & already has two Scholarships. We both hold records that are nearly impossible for others in the entire state to beat. We train together & pretty much participate in anything events that will help us stay active. But just in case one of us slip upa backup plan should always be required. So I also work a part time job at Foot Action over on Bay Plaza, 12pm-7pm on the weekends. After work, I’d always walk down the street to the bus stop, wait for the Bx15 bus to drop me off on Prospect Avenue, then I walk home from there. Now when I say home I mean “The Projects”. The Mckinley Project Houses look it up, all you’ll find is new reports on people being shot to death. Trust me it’s nowhere you’d even want to call home. Home is a place where you’d look forward to seeing everyday. Home is a place where you could actually lay down in peace. Home is a place where you actually feel safe & secure go in & out of your house. Here you can never let your guard down, you have to be cautious at all times. Tomorrow is never promised here. Say you’re father walks out the front door after an argument. Imagine him there standing in the hallwa…