A Day at Prospect Mountain Campground

I thought it would be great to have more bonding time with my family this year, so we book a night at Prospect Mountain Campground. My son Colin enjoys the outdoors and this would be great learning experience for all of us, but my wife and daughter wasn’t too fond of the idea. Especially my little girl Lauren, the thought of mosquito, flies, and bears scare her. We drove up to the campground on a baby blue sky. The roads were curvy and narrow. It reminded me of the time when my uncle Peter and his family drove me through the back roads of Pennsylvania. We driven quite a distance until we reach Intercourse, PA. We were in the town of the Amish people. They wear long black pants and a black button up jacket, their facial hair looks like Santa Clause, but black in color of course. They would ride their horse carriage throughout town and it would be completely normal. One Amish gentlemen pull his horse carriage right up to the bank drive thru window. Now that’s how you make a withdrawal.

Getting back to the main point, we arrived at Prospect Mountain. We pulled into a dirt road filled with huge chunks of grey rocks on the surface, I was trying to maneuver my white Prius around it. Slowly trending along the rocky surface hoping not to pierce a tire. At first glance, this beautiful property is hidden up in the Berkshire Hills, surrounded by long white oak trees as tall as the clouds. The closest town is about 15 miles away where you can get your local necessities like; meats, water, and gas. A isolated campground secretly tuck away in the midst of all the trees.In many ways, Prospect Mt is simply beautiful for is characteristic and its fresh mountain air. There are many activities for kids of all ages to keep them interested. And in the center of the campground was a football size pond. The scenic view offers a refreshing feeling because of the elevation.

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We arrived on time to check in just after 3pm on a Friday. The main check in cent…