There are
many philosophy and beliefs on different things but the main three things we
are going to focus on is Hedonism, Epicureanism,
and Stoicism. When we think of the meaning of philosophy we think of the fundamental nature of knowledge, existence,
ethics, wisdom, love and reality. Beliefs are a statement that you strongly
agree with and no one can change your mindset of your mind. 

When understanding
the meaning of Hedonism we have to understand that it is the thought of
happiness and pleasure to the human life. Hedonism begins with a man by the
name Aristipus of Cyrene he started as a student but then came up with a theory
many people believe in today.  Someone
who believes in Hedonism is most of the time a hedonist tries to experience
pleasure all the time but experience pain also. When hedonists finally gain
happiness it remains stationary they never go back to the days they feel pain
again. The final thought on it is people have to everything right in order to
have the greatest amount of pleasure one single mistake they will lose all the
happiness they gain.

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Epicurus was the
founder of Epicureanism it was based on philosophy and also a form if hedonism.
Epicurus was the type of person who believed that pleasure was the greatest
good, but the way to attain such pleasure was to live modestly to gain
knowledge of the workings of the world and to limits one desire. Epicurus
emphasized friendship as an important ingredient of happiness but often times
there was rejected because of Athenian philosophy. Epicureanism was a main
opponent of Stoicism.

The word for pan or
hardship without display of feelings and without complaint is Stoicism. Zeno of
Citium was the founder of the Greek school where he taught based on knowledge
information and the highest goods also. Through Zeno we learned that some
people go through a lot of pain but it is up to them on how they deal with it.