3.1 vital to understand each child’s needs. Children



3.1 Describe how communication with children and young people differs across different age ranges and stages of development.


Every child and young person’s stage of communication development varies to their personal level of understanding. It is vital to understand each child’s needs. Children at an earlier stage of education ie Key stage 1  need simple explanations g ie easier words to understand and  a repetitive explanation, this is quite normal and it is very important to remain calm and explain as many times as need be, maybe by trying different strategies to explain better.

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 Sometimes young children understand better when shown, giving examples always helps. Young children are not able to concentrate as long as older children so it’s always best to keep the communication level simple and interactive. To check their level of understanding it is a good idea to ask them to repeat what has been said or ask a few questions.

 However around key stage 2 children adapt to a better understanding due to gaining communication skills. They will start to understand bigger words depending on each child or young person’s ability; they also start to concentrate better. Children at this stage like to give examples and talk about their personal understanding, they like to answer questions out loud to the class, becoming  a lot more confident communicating with other children and teachers.

 Around key stage 3 to 4 young people can now understand formal and informal language, they understand complex words with meanings they also become verbally confident and use  more professional language. They tend to challenge different ideas due to having a better language skills set. Some may not be as intellectual as others, whilst some young people may be confident. Some young people might be a little shy to answer questions in class discussions. Every child is different and learns communication and confidence skills at their own pace.