22 is passionate about her results. Rokaya has

April 2017.                                                                                           

Amal Khalil Rawash                                                        Email: [email protected]

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STEM Ismailia high school principle.                          Phone: +02 01278305377.                                                                                                                                         

whom it may concern,

I’m writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of
Rokaya Alhalawany, a 21th grade student at STEM Ismailia high school. Rokaya do
have strong potentials that qualifies her. I have known Rokaya for 3 years, I
came to know her very well through her preparation for various workshops in
different categories including: English, Physics, programming and technology
where she volunteered to organize the schedule for the younger students, as she
was a crucial member at the students’ union for 3 years. In addition, she is
the representative of her class.

Rokaya is an imaginative, energetic, and exceptionally
well-organized student. She is a remarkable student with great talent. She refuses
to only do what is required of her. However, also she demands out opportunities
to extend her knowledge. She reads widely, write beautifully and demonstrates
good quantitative skills. I have been impressed with her ability to be
articulate about different concept and texts.

I know form discussion with teachers and her colleges in the
school that we all think of Rokaya as a very self-effacing student that has the
intellectual capacity. Rokaya is scholarly and culturally enriched, her
extracurricular activities still haven’t affected her GPA scores, she always
earns an A+ or A, that made me notice her time management skills. Despite her
young age, she showed remarkable role in organizing the meetings with the
governor, the undersecretary of the ministry of education, the STEM unit
officials and the USAID representatives who funds STEM education in Egypt, to
discuss the STEM system problems that obstruct the students all over the
country, that gave me an insight of her becoming a future pioneer. Moreover, I
believe she will be a leading icon wherever she ends up. She will always be a
dedicated learner and a competent candidate. I have high anticipation for her.
Therefore, I recommended her strongly without hesitation.

Rokaya is well-trained, ambitious and yet quite open-minded
personality, she is one of the most helpful and sociable characters, she
admires charity programs and community services. Rokaya has always taken her
role seriously and is passionate about her results. Rokaya has always worked
entirely on her own-directed manner, and work hard for her beliefs. I have
noticed that she’s at her best in a group environment, and is consciously
proactive at getting full involvement of all other team members to derive the
best result possible. I have enjoyed getting to know her as a person and found
her surprisingly mature for her young age. She has a very effective personal
style. additionally, I’m certain she will be looked to as a leader where ever
she goes.

I have relished knowing her as a top
student and find her astonishingly overripe for her youth age. I’m delighted
that Rokaya is planning to apply for the US universities.

I have no doubt that she has the
proficiency, insistence, and determination to successfully perform your
requirements. Furthermore, I have high expectation for her and I recommend her
without reservation.