1,200 in the positive impacts that multinational companies

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I have worked for MSIG Insurance for almost two years. The journey
with one of Asia’s leading general insurers has taught me many lessons. I
believe in the positive impacts that multinational companies are creating to
the local economy including promoting the competitiveness, generating more
employment and encourage technology transfer.

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I have been practicing photography for many years as a hobby. I can see a
number of similarities between running a multinational firms and taking
photos. Photography is more than just holding the camera, point and tap.
Many factors need to be taken into account and carefully examined for
example angle, light condition, background and object’s features to adjust
the camera and capture photos with good quality. When a multinational
company enters a local market, its success depends on how well it can adapt
to changes. Each local market has its own characteristics which require
managers to conduct a thorough research and analysis to shape the company’s
development strategies.
Vietnamese market in particular is still challenging for foreign investment.
With an international economic bachelor degree and knowledge gained from
working in different organizations, I have realized and understood the
difficulties which my company is facing in Vietnamese market for instance
the law regulation, culture and consumer behavior. To develop the company
towards a sustainable growth, knowledge is a compulsory foundation that I
can earn through a formal and comprehensive training. I yearn for more
career fulfilment with the goal to become a future manager. I am fully aware
of the importance of increasing my knowledge, experience, aptitudes and
capacities in global market and marketing as well as creative industries
within a dynamic and multi-cultural environment. I believe my proposed study
in Global Markets, Local Creativities master program will not only broaden
my knowledge in globalized economy and entrepreneurship, sharpen me with a
variety of case studies and internship program but also help me address the
issues under various perspectives. Moreover, this master program will grant
me the priceless opportunities to learn foreigner language, cultures and European
values which will considerably support my future career.
Within the scope of work in MSIG, I have many chances to visit different
factories and to be introduced about the manufacturing processes. Those
visits made me more concerned about the technology and supply chain in
foreign enterprises towards a green economy and its relationship with the
local relative competitiveness. In the context of environmental issue and
its negative impacts caused from the business activities over many
industries, the green supply chain and technology have received a great deal
of concerns from researchers and managers. They are believed to be capable
of increasing corporate value when considering its impacts on all processes
of physical distribution, production as well as customer’s preference to
eco-friendly products. Being curious about this exciting paradigm as well as
realizing its necessary for not only academic but also practical field, I
would choose this topic for my dissertation. the first time I joined the
risk survey in Bridgestone factory. It is an extremely large factory
covering approximately 1.02 million square meters. I looked at the factory
structure, at many giant machines all around, watched them operate smoothly
with absolutely high accuracy; an intense feeling suddenly provoked inside
me and I exclaimed to myself: “That’s incredible! It is so amazing what
human can do.” That is the feeling I could never forget, the feeling that
reminds me hard work will pay off and allow me to go above and beyond.

Since I was a little girl, I have been always fascinated with the unknown
and tried to find the answer with all enthusiasm. As I grow up, I have
realized I am not learning to find a good paycheck for future but to do what
I love in the best way.  During the
university time, I expanded my learning beyond the lecture hall and
textbooks. Besides other student activities, I joined AIESEC  – the youth-run organization aiming at
peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential and participated in SIFE
Enactus (Student in Free Enterprise), a global organization dedicated to
make a better world by using the power of entrepreneurship. I always believe
the further I go, the more I learn but I am well aware that my parents
cannot afford me a travel trip. Then I travelled by reading books,
volunteering in remote areas and kept searching for new opportunities. In
2011, my effort finally brought me the first trip aboard; I was selected as
the national representative to attend the UNESCO Youth Peace Ambassador
Training Workshop in Malaysia. There, for the first time in my life I was
overwhelmed with the sense of pride and honor to be on stage and present my
project to distinguished guests and hundreds of international youth
participants. It was just the beginning of many learning journeys in
different countries that I earned after that. In the academic year of 2012
-2013, I studied Economics in South Korea as an awardee of ASEAN Millennium
Leader Exchange program in which I was honored to be granted a full
scholarship from South Korea government and ASEAN University Network. Upon
my graduation, I joined the team to develop Hanoi Free Bike Tour project.
The project provided free bicycle tour in early morning with the purpose of
delivering the hidden charm of Hanoi to tourists along with raising
awareness about environment. Those experiences has empowered me with
leadership, communication and project management skills which allow me to
work more effectively with people coming from different backgrounds

Learning is essential but the true beauty of learning is when knowledge is transformed
into reality to serve the people. My long-term goal is to develop the
corporation I work for in Vietnam towards a sustainable and green growth
which benefits the society I live in. After a long time of preparation, I am
ready to embrace an exciting and rewarding adventure.

I still remember one day, in the late afternoon after work in Nomura industrial
zone, I saw one worker. Some drops of sweat shed on his tanned skin face, he
stood next to the ATM machine under the golden faded light of sunset,
holding in his hand the money that I though was his salary and smiling
peacefully. He was possibly thinking about his family at that moment. I
could not take my eyes off that scene. It is a truly beautiful scene that I
want to capture both as a photographer and an entrepreneur every day in my
life journey. I may not be able to change the world but I believe I can make
someone’s life better.