1.Gilles them for your status(showing them off Instagram).Or

1.Gilles and Felix use “roots” and “rhizomes” as metaphors to get their points across.Roots are part of a plant like a root system. In the text, plants with “roots” used to be known as the original model used for knowledge.Roots were part of the tree sign model that Saussure had used. “Roots” is the old way used for knowledge. Rhizomes according to Gilles and Feliz is the new model for knowledge. Rhizomes can be part of the system of roots. Gilles and Feliz use fungal rhizomes because they can multiply and they do not have to be a part of a “system”. This is true for mushrooms and crabgrass. New ideas shooting into unknown directions. The “root” gives direction and tells you where to go,what to be.The rhizome does not have a beginning and it does not need to follow a system.According to both Deleuze and Guattari, “Rhizomatic thinking promotes becoming,not being”( Deleuze,Guattari  1448).There is no beginning or end.  There is no structure or not a direct offer of telling the Rhizome where to go and what to be.2.Baudrillard names the new sign as “Simulacra”. According to Dictionary.com, Simulacra can be defined as ” A slight,unreal,or a superficial likeness “(m.” Dictionary.com, Dictionary.com, www.dictionary.com/browse/simulacra).A reality, our reality that is not real. Things in our life have lost its true form and meaning. It is not our needs anymore. Our needs,our lives are driven and created by other things. For example,the media and advertising. These two things telling you what you want and what you need. For example,you don’t need these new pair of shoes but you should buy them for your status(showing them off Instagram).Or the media in telling you how to look and what you should achieve. Pushing people to try and live up to these unrealistic expectations. Now you have to work harder and pay more to satisfy those needs and wants that originally were not your own. Baudrillard names two culprits for the change. One is “contemporary consumer culture” and the other is “imperialistic Western science and philosophy.”Our real desires and needs are no longer there and they are replaced by what society and what others(advertising) want instead.We are not looking through our view but the view of the images already presented and given to us.The Western thoughts and science according to the text is ” things lose their reality in the final phase,the phase of the simulacra” (Baudrillard  1555).He gives a good example about how  Disneyland tries to make us buy into the idea that the lives we live are “real”.Living  our childhood “fantasies” and exploring the child in us. Believing and givining into something that is not real.3.4.According to my understanding of the text,I feel that Los Angeles has more of a Rhizome structure. A Rhizome ” connects any point to any other point,and it’s traits are not necessarily linked to traits of the same nature;it brings into play very different  regimes of signs,and even nonsign states”(Deleuze,Guattari  1458).Los Angeles is very unique. You have different towns within a big city. So many different ethnicities,cultures,religions,towns. Los Angeles is very diverse. Just like Rizomes are not exactly related but are still related somehow.The root has a beginning and an end. When you think of Los Angeles, it doesn’t have a beginning of an end. You don’t know where Los Angeles begins or ends. ” the Rhizome itself assumes very diverse forms,from ramified surface extension in all directions to concentration into bulbs and tubers” ( Deleuze,Guattari  1458).Los angles is always changing. It is very diverse with people coming in from different backgrounds and cultures.