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1 European Commission, ‘Financial Assistance To Greece’ (European
Commission, 2017)

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1 In terms of vocabulary, according to the
European Commission (2017), the possibility of an arrangement of resolutions
requiring satisfactory development seems to be rather evocative of the listings
of previous activities to be concluded by beneficiaries of large-scale
financial change programs within the Eurozone. This is the case remarkably
in the Greece’s constant third agenda, as implemented through ECB-IMF-Commission
triad of organizations. 


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1 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
(VCLT), Article 70: “Consequences of the Termination of a Treaty     1. Unless the treaty otherwise provides,
or the parties otherwise agree, the termination of a treaty under its
provisions or in accordance with the present Convention: (a) Releases the
parties from any obligation further to perform the treaty; (b) Does not affect
any right, obligation or legal situation of the parties created through the
execution of the treaty prior to its termination. 2. If a State denounces or
withdraws from a multilateral treaty, paragraph 1 applies in the relations
between that State and each of the other parties to the treaty from the date
when such denunciation or withdrawal takes effect.”

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1 Significantly, though, the CJEU will hold
authority at any rate till the time limit of Friday, March 29th,
2019, and probably past even that time if there should arise a settled period
of legal change. Similarly, the significant treaty articles of the EU in
occurrence of non-imbursement do not stipulate any sequential constraints upon
their suitability (Waibel, 2017: pp. 2-5). TFEU’s Article 259 is based upon
contravention procedures and the TFEU’s Article 267 is based upon preparatory
judgments, if at any time the CJEU articulates any contravention procedure or
judgement preceding the stipulated time limit. They could accordingly be
applicable even after an affiliate nation’s withdrawal.

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