•Lou-Ann fell in love with this boy named

•Lou-Ann like Taylor grew up in Kentucky
and moved away from home quickly because she fell in love with this boy named
Angel Ruiz, married him and followed him to Tucson, Arizona. Unfortunately, a
couple chapter later, Lou-Ann expresses depression and sadness because her
husband divorced her before “Dwayne” their child was born. Taylor would define
Lou-Ann to be a “worrywart” with low-esteem. Lou-Ann would fear about her son
Dwayne: “what if he chokes? Or get’s poisoned? O dies in any one of an endless
number of ways?” In other word, Lou-Ann was extremely overprotective of her son
that and ended up making her go crazy. Taylor described Lou-Ann as someone who
“despised her looks, and had more ways of saying so than anyone she’d ever
known”, meaning that Lou-Ann would cry 24/7 over her low self-esteem. Taylor
expresses that Lou-Ann’s low self-esteem is due to her granny Logan, she never
once said something kind to Lou-Ann, instead she would trash her down in all
possible ways. Taylor was Lou-Ann’s life saver because her great example of
being an independent women influence Lou-Ann to get over her useless husband
and move on with her life. Lou-Ann gained confidence after finding a job. By
the end, Lou-Ann is able to “get out ” of her self-esteem issues and become a
strong independent women just like Taylor. When Taylor get the news that her
baby Turtle has been attack at the Park, she breaks down into depression. At
that precise moment, Lou-Ann expresses being a “true pillar of strength”
because she sacrifices her work to help Taylor find the “criminal” that
attacked Turtle. In the short time that Taylor and Lou-Ann have been living
together, Lou-Ann started from being a nervous, lacking self-esteem women to an
avenging wrath who is ready and willing to fight for Taylor. Although, Lou-Ann
is enable to overcome her self-esteem, but at the end of the novel, she had
demonstrated that she has more capabilities and strength than her Granny Logan
has given her credit for. Kingsolver expresses through Lou-Ann’s character that
one should never diminish themselves or think they aren’t worth anything
because someone once told you insults. People that insult others  are usually just jealous and will humiliate
one to feel superior.